Suspension Exercise Cards by Stack 52. For TRX, Woss, and Ritfit Trainer Straps


Available in Australia and the USA

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Suspended Bodyweight Resistance Workout

You know only a few exercises for your suspension trainer, and you’re getting bored doing the same workout. The new system applies card and games to develop your bodyweight training programs.

We designed Suspension Stack 52 for you. We picked 52 of the most effective trx  suspension exercises and put them on suited and numbered playing cards. Shuffle the deck and deal yourself a workout or play a Suspension Stack 52 Game like Fit Poker or Bullshit with your friends and have the time of your life getting fitter and into the best shape of your life.


  • CONTAINS: 52 of the most effective bodyweight suspension exercises on suited and numbered playing cards. Perfect for TRX, WOSS, or Ritfit suspension trainers.
  • CREATE AWESOME WORKOUTS IN SECONDS: No planning or preparation. Shuffle the deck and deal yourself a workout or play a Suspension Stack 52 card game. Visit our website for free game ideas or modify your favorite card game into a workout!
  • EASIEST WAY TO LEARN SUSPENSION EXERCISES: Each card has a diagram and description that explains how to perform the exercise. Scan the QR code with a smartphone or tablet to watch a quick video demonstration of the exercise.
  • FUN & MOTIVATING: Games and competition make exercise fun! Play by yourself or compete with your friends! No more boredom. There are 52 different suspension exercises and endless game possibilities.
  • 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE: If you don’t LOVE Suspension Stack 52, you get your money back, period.

· Fit Poker: Uses poker rules, but players bet and perform exercises instead of chips!

· Bullshit: Rules are the same as the classic card game, but if you get caught lying, you do the exercises on the cards you pick up!

About Stack 52 and Sergeant Volkin

Our mission is to help people experience the benefits of fitness training with bodyweight exercises by making exercise fun and accessible for everyone.

Sergeant Volkin has a master’s degree in science, has authored 5 books, and has over 20 years of fitness experience. The US Army awarded Sergeant Volkin the Army Commendation Medal for the fitness programs he designed for the troops. Stack 52 exercise games have been sold in over 24 countries.

What’s in the Box:

Suspension Stack 52 contains 55 cards. There are 8 different colors with each color representing the dominate muscle group worked.

  • 11 Leg exercises (yellow)
  • 5 Arm exercises (orange)
  • 5 Chest exercises (green)
  • 3 Shoulder exercises (purple)
  • 6 Back exercises (pink)
  • 12 Abdominal/Core exercises (red)
  •  4 Cardio exercises (blue)
  • 6 Full body compound exercises (brown)
  • 2 Instructional Cards
  • 1 Wild Card



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