Elite Functional Exercise (EFX): Postural Bodyweight Training


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Postural Bodyweight Training

Mark Lauren: EFX is a bodyweight training system that builds incredible strength, melts fat, and drills postural habits that will transfer to all areas of your life. These cutting-edge workouts are designed to safely challenge you to the max, ensuring you develop a high-performance physique as quickly as possible.
Developed by elite Special Operations trainers and bestselling fitness author of You Are Your Own Gym, these bodyweight workouts develop peak fitness by improving postural habits that will transfer to all areas of your life. By focusing on proper joint alignment, these cutting-edge workouts allow you to develop a high performance body, while preventing the many ailments of today’s sedentary life.

This 3-Disk Set Contains:

Warm-up: Prepare yourself for the main body of the bodyweight workout with dynamic movements that increase your body’s temperature and mobility. (5 Min.)

What we need to do :


Prepare yourself for the main body of the workout with dynamic bodyweight only movements that increase your body’s temperature and flexibility. (5 minutes)


Mark leads you rep-for-rep through nine exercise complexes that use 27 postural bodyweight movements to develop maximum strength, stability, and stamina. (30-35 minutes)


End the workout by calming your nerves and clearing built-up lactic acid while further improving flexibility with passive and isometric stretches. (10 Min.)


  • 3 DVDs
  • Train 45 minutes three times a week to completely transform how you look, feel, and move.
  • 27 orthopedically correct, functional exercises
  • Build incredible strength, stability, and postural efficiency
  • Improve your ability to maintain ideal joint alignment for the fastest possible gains in all around performance.



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