The Hot Sweat neoprene training vest is just for you 

It’s very boring to go to the gym every day, and waste a lot of our precious leisure time. To save more time for more interesting things, we designed this Hot Sweat Sauna vest. This clothes can heat up your muscles and make you sweat triple than usual while keeping the same bodyweight exercise intensity in the same time. you’ll reach your fitness goals faster and easier than expected with significantly less effort!

The vest was made up of neoprene which used to make diving suits, the special material constitute 70% Neoprene, 15% Polyester, 15% Nylon and  almost not breathable and perspire. it was specially made for workout exercise, which can increase your body temperature and make you sweat  more than ever before and help to flatten your tummy, Lose inches and melt the fat away!

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Skin sensitivity: For someone who`s skin is sensitive to Neoprene, they may feel itching or tingling or other comfortable condition after wear the clothes, please take off immediately and stop using it, or wash the item and consider using a non itch power on the inside of the material prior to wearing.

Features of the Hot Sweat Training Vests

  • Shape your body: Scientific design and compression help you correct posture, flatten abdomen, firm tummy, beer belly, it`s helps you reach your fitness goals faster and easier.
  • Smooth & Comfortable: The special Neoprene material provide instant abdominal compression and lumbar support, allow you to have the proper support without any discomfort.
  • Special note: This vest was designed to help you sweat more and loss weight quicker, so it’s size is not as your daily clothes, we suggest you to choose the right size according to the waist size, if your natural waist size is larger than 46 inch,please don’t order our vest. for avoid skin allergie and the better slimming effect, we kind suggest you to put this hot sweat sauna vest over your sports shirts when you’re doing exercise.
  • Quality Assurance: To prove how confident we are in our sauna vest for men, we offer a lifetime money back guarantee with every purchase! If you are not completely satisfied with your rash guard, we will refund your purchase with no exception! Click the Add to Cart Button Now


ATTENTION PLEASE: When you order the product,pls confirm it was Sold by Cimkiz-US and Fulfilled by Amazon. all other third part sellers are selling fake product! Material: 70% Neoprene ,15% Polyester ,15% Nylon,


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